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Fresh parrot eggs and birds for sale.

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fresh laid parrot eggs. very fertile and already tested by candling. hatching guaranty at a 100%. the list bellow is available;

Macaws parrot eggs available:
- Blue and gold macaw eggs
- Hyacinth macaw eggs
- Scarlet Macaw eggs
- Military Macaw eggs
- Green Winged macaw eggs

Grey parrot eggs available:
- African Grey eggs
- Amazon Grey eggs
- Toucan parrot eggs
- Eclectus Species eggs

Cockatoos eggs available
- Sulfur crested Cockatoos eggs
- Rose breasted cockatoos eggs
- Goffin  Cockatoos eggs
- Umbrella cockatoos eggs
- Moluccan cockatoos eggs
- Major Mitchell cockatoos eggs
- Black palm cockatoos eggs

-- Also available are already winged parrot birds for sale.

We sale at affordable prices and great discount follow orders above 7 eggs.
we ship internationally and eggs come with incubator and starter kids for new beginners. we offer education on the incubation process and send our new beginners CDS for proper orientation. if interested in the breeding activity. contact us via the following email address and place your order with us for more information and price list. our contact email is: carineaviary@gmail.com.

Posted : 3 months ago

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